Operational Expenses – Funds used to aid in a recognized student organization’s basic operating expenses.

UPAC provides organizational operational funds to recognized student organizations to aid in their basic operating expenses. All recognized student organizations are currently eligible to receive one $50.00 allocation per academic year. Requests must be submitted by the last day of classes of the fall semester. Exceptions exist only for newly recognized organizations in the spring semester.

Funds allocated towards student organizations’ operating expenses can be used during the fall and spring semester and must be expensed no later than the last day of classes of the spring semester.

On your operational expenses request form, you’ll find spaces to list your organization’s name, ASA account number, organization president’s name, e-mail address, signature, and phone number, advisor’s name and e-mail address, and your organization’s mission/ purpose. Fill each of these sections out, and return your form to the UPAC office by the final day of classes of the fall semester so your organization can receive $50.00 in funds for basic operations.

What can operational funds be used on?

  • Advertising – recruitment, officer elections, member retention, general publicity.
  • Office Supplies – pens, paper, etc.
  • Postage – mailings.
  • Copying – organization newsletters, minutes, officer elections.

What can’t operational funds be used on?

  • Event expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • The purchase of equipment
  • The purchase of food or beverages


Operational Request Form Best Practices

Below, you’ll find an example of a clear, concise completed UPAC operational request form. Use it as a reference as you fill out your own organization’s operational funding request.