Program – Any event (e.g., speaker, concert, conference, theater performance, cultural affair) that enhances the out-of-class experience provided by members of the Penn State community for students at Penn State – University Park

UPAC will only consider funding programs that are open to the all University Park students. Policies regarding program funding can be found in Section 3.2 of the UPAC Requestor Handbook. Here are the steps required to request funding from UPAC to host a program:

1. Register your Program

Prior to signing out a UPAC program funding request form, requestors must start with the program registration. The first step is to reserve space or register your program through Penn State’s 25Live event scheduling website. Next, you’ll need to set up a meeting with a program adviser, which can be done through the Events Management Office in 125 HUB.

2. Sign out a Program Funding Request Form

Once you’ve completed program registration, drop by the UPAC office in 208 HUB to pick up a program funding request form. You’ll need to make sure that you’re not past your requesting deadline date, and you’ll spend a few minutes going over the process of filling out the request form with a UPAC member in the office.

3. Fill out your Program Funding Request Form

UPAC will consider funding program expenses including honoraria fees, equipment, facility costs, publicity materials, costumes, props, and more. On your program funding request form, you’ll find lines to list honoraria, honoraria transportation, honoraria lodging, facility expenses and setup costs, and equipment. If you require more lines to list all of the items you plan to request, ask for a program request supplemental form in the UPAC office.

On your program funding request form, neatly list the name and full price of every item you plan on requesting from UPAC. You should only list items on your form that you are requesting from UPAC. Once listing all items that you’re requesting, prioritize them in order of your most important expenses. Also, on the back of the first page, you’ll also find a few questions regarding your program that you need to answer and attach to your budget.

Additionally, attach a total program budget that includes all items that you are and are not requesting from UPAC. Attach quotes for all items on your total program budget and any other necessary supporting documents listed on your program request form.

4. Submit your Program Funding Request Form

Once you’ve completed filling out your program funding request form, bring it back to the UPAC office to review it with a UPAC representative and ensure that your budget is complete. After verifying that your request is still within your deadline date and that your request is complete, the UPAC representative will accept and process your budget, and the Committee will review your request on a first come-first serve basis.

5. Receive an Allocation Decision and Seek Reimbursement

It typically takes about three-to-four weeks for a budget to be processed and brought up for review. After that time, you’ll receive an email from with an RSVP request to one of our Tuesday or Thursday night allocation meetings. At your meeting, you’ll discuss your program and budget with a Sub-Committee of about five-to-seven members with a Sub-Committee Chair leading the meeting and one adviser guiding the group. After your meeting, you should hear back with an email from containing your allocation letter with the Committee’s allocation decision. A copy of your allocation letter will be sent to the Associated Student Activities (ASA) office in 240 HUB within two-to-three business days, when allocated funds will be placed into your restricted “10” account. From there, you can seek reimbursement or purchase orders for your program’s expenses from the ASA office. Any other instructions or stipulations will be listed on your UPAC allocation letter.


The 10% Rule

One policy that commonly affects program funding request allocations is the 10% Rule. UPAC Requestor Handbook policy 3.2.2. states, “Requestors are responsible for a MINIMUM of ten percent (10%) of their total program cost.” In other words, UPAC can only cover up to 90% of the total cost of a program. The 10% not covered by UPAC may be covered by an admission fee, food, or other non-UPAC-fundable expenses. For more information on the 10% Rule, watch the video below.