Addendum – A request for an addition to an already approved UPAC budget request to cover unforeseen expenses not in the original budget

UPAC Requestor Handbook Section 3.1.5. covers information on addenda. According to that section:

In order for UPAC to consider the addition of an unforeseen expense to an already approved UPAC budget request, a requestor must submit an addendum. Requestors must submit an explanation to UPAC that outlines the costs and the rationale for the additional request. UPAC will only consider additional allocations for expenses that are necessary for the success of the program or travel, have increased since the allocation was made, and were not originally submitted, included, or considered during UPAC’s previous reviews of the budget.

Addenda for equipment allocations will only be considered for price changes, quantity changes, vendor changes, and similar item substitutions. Requests for additional items will not be considered.

UPAC requires that notification of any changes to the event be submitted in writing at least ten (10) academic days before the start date of the event.  Failure to do so may affect the funding of the event.  It is strongly encouraged that requests are submitted as early as possible.

Organizations with Standing Allocation status are not allowed to submit addendum requests.


Submitting an Addendum Request

If you would like to request additional funds or changes to your allocation for the reasons given above, you may submit an Addendum Form through OrgCentral.