Equipment – Items or maintenance that aid an organization in completing their primary purpose.

UPAC will consider equipment expenses to purchase or maintain items that aid in completing an organization’s primary purpose. These expenses include costs associated with equipment to aid in this process. If an organization is requesting the purchase of equipment, they must submit a request for equipment purchase form detailing what type of equipment is desired and why this equipment needs to be purchased. Specific policies regarding equipment funding can be found in Section 3.4 of the UPAC Requestor Handbook. Equipment requests are accepted throughout the Fall Semester only.

Here are the steps to request funding for equipment expenses:

1. Fill out and Submit your Equipment Funding Request

Start your request online within OrgCentral. You must be an organization’s president or treasurer to complete this request, so be sure that you are appropriately signed in. Click on the three lines at the top left of the screen and click on the setting gear next to your organization’s name. From the dropdown, click on the “Finance” tab. Next, click on the blue “Create Request” button in the top right of the screen and select the “UPAC Equipment Funding Request” process from the options provided. Follow the instructions on the request form and be sure to click the blue “Submit” button at the very end.

On your request, list the item name, as well as the vendor, per item rate, quantity, and total cost for every item that you’re requesting from UPAC. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the form, answer all questions as fully as possible, and include all necessary information in the description of each line item.

You must also upload a confirmation of storage location for your request.  If you can download an agreement template here:

Once you’ve completed your OrgCentral program funding request, go ahead and submit it! If we have any points we need to clarify, we’ll return the request to you for revision or send you an email. Once your request is fully complete, the Committee will review it on a first come, first serve basis.

2. Receive your Allocation Decision and Seek Reimbursement

It typically takes about four weeks for a budget to be processed and brought up for review. After that time, you’ll receive an email from with an RSVP request to one of our Tuesday night allocation meetings. At your meeting, you’ll discuss your equipment and budget with a committee of about 5 to 7 people. After your meeting, you should hear back with an email from containing your allocation confirmation with the Committee’s allocation decision. This decision will also be updated on OrgCentral.

A copy of your allocation letter will be sent to the Associated Student Activities (ASA) office in 240 HUB within two to three business days, when allocated funds will be placed into your restricted “10” account. From there, you can seek reimbursement or purchase orders for your equipment expenses from the ASA office. Any other instructions or stipulations will be listed on your UPAC allocation letter.


Organization Inventory Form

When requesting equipment funding, you’ll need to submit an Organization Inventory Form and proof of University-approved storage space in order for funds to be released for those items. Fill out the Organization Inventory Form through OrgCentral.

If you have questions regarding obtaining University-approved storage space to store your equipment, you can stop by 237 HUB to talk about available storage spaces.