Minutes are kept by at least one Committee member during each UPAC allocation meeting. All meeting minutes are made available via the UPAC website after notification of allocation is provided to the requestor.  In the case of technology failure, you may request meeting minutes in an alternative format. To discuss the minutes, please contact the UPAC Staff Assistant to make an appointment with the Chair.  If the Chair is not available, an Advisor may be able to assist you.

Fall 2022
8-23-22 Minutes
8-30-22 Minutes
8-2022 Fast Track Minutes
9-6-22 Minutes 
9-13-22 Minutes
9-20-22 Minutes
9-27-22 Minutes
09-2022 Fast Track Minutes
10-04-22 Minutes
10-11-22 Minutes
10-18-22 Minutes
10-25-22 Minutes
10-2022 Fast Track Minutes
11-01-22 Minutes
11-08-22 Minutes
11-29-22 Minutes
11-2022 Fast Track Minutes
12-06-22 Minutes
12-2022 Fast Track Minutes
01-10-23 Minutes
01-17-23 Minutes